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Minecraft Club

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Week Day
DANCE! February 12th, 6-8 pm for students in grades 4-8. Younger? Must have adult with you.
Monday, 1st JH boys basketball 2-3:30 pm
cheer practice 3:30-5:00pm
JH girls basketball 5-6:30 pm
school board meeting 5pm
Tuesday, 2nd cheer practice 3:30-5pm
grades 3-5 co-ed b-ball practice 2-3:30
Outdoor Club swimming at Garcelon Center St. Stephen 3pm
JH boys practice 5-6:30 pm
Wednesday, 3rd drama practice 2-245 pm
cheer practice 2-3:30 pm
JH girls b-ball 330-5pm
JH boys b-ball 5-6:30
Minecraft Club 2-3pm
Thursday, 4th grades 3-5 co-ed b-ball practice 2-3:30
JH girls basketball 5-6:30 pm
JH boys basketball 3:30-5 pm
Little Caesar's Delivery at 4pm
Friday, 5th drama practice 2-245 pm
Little Dribblers 2-2:45 pm
JH girls b-ball 3-4:30 pm

December Bomber Bulletin

Respect, Courtesy, Responsibility

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